Only 12 percent of schools in Denmark now lack rules on mobile phones

Minister of Education Merete Riisager said that clear rules were necessary for effective teaching.

“This is very, very positive, because it is clear that calm is necessary in classrooms so that children can learn, while break times should be for company and exercise,” the minister said.


The issue has been discussed in Denmark, one of the world’s most digitally-advanced societies, after France earlier this year passed a law banning schoolchildren from taking phones into class.


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Interview with City of Lakes School on how and why they removed the Wi-Fi.

Below is an interview with City of Lakes teachers on how they removed the Wi-Fi from the classrooms due to health concerns.

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EMF Awareness day taking place on 11th June 2018  (UK)

Media release ES-UK / 04-06-2018

Advert ES-UK: Why risk your health with Wi-Fi?

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A Cancer expert has claimed school wifi networks could put pupils at risk because they "absorb radiation".

Dr Anthony Miller believes wireless internet should be considered as dangerous as tobacco and asbestos to schoolchildren

Dr Anthony Miller, an adviser to the World Health Organisation, believes youngsters are at greater risk from radio waves because their smaller skulls can more easily be damaged by harmful rays.


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Nicosia declaration: reduce exposure to mobile phones and wireless radiation

In the Nicosia Declaration (Nov. 2017) a common position paper by the Cyprus Medical Association, the Austrian Medical Chambers and the Cyprus National Committee on Environment and Children's Health experts call for the protection of children and adolescents against radiation from mobile phones and for the exposure to wireless radiation to be reduced by using safer technology.

Schools should avoid Wi-Fi and instead use wired internet connections (ethernet). As well as minimize the use of mobile phones and other wireless devices.

They drew up 16 practical rules:


International conference - ‘Children, Screen time and Wireless Radiation’.

On February 24th 2017 the Association of parents of preschool children in Reykjavik held a conference on children, screen time and wireless microwave radiation.  In the link here below you will find information on the speakers, interviews, the program, the Reykjavik Appeal which was made by one of the speakers Professor Lennart Hardell, various information and the presentations via Youtube.




Measurements of Radiofrequency Radiation with a Body-Borne Exposimeter in Swedish Schools with Wi-Fi


" Since children are obliged by law to attend school, the safe environment with respect to physical hazards is of utmost importance. Our study showed low-average exposure compared with our measurements in city streets and squares in Stockholm where the average exposure often is around 1,000 µW/m2. All measured values in the schools were far below ICNIRP’s reference values (26), but most total mean measured levels were above the precautionary target level of 3–6 µW/m2 as proposed by the Bioinitiative Report (28). It is unclear whether it is the average level that have the most impact on health or if the peaks and the length of the duty cycle can affect cell systems more in the human body. Since cancer tumors usually take several decades to develop and chronic illnesses, like cardiac and neurological diseases, come in older ages only the future will tell if and to what degree the RF radiation may have had an impact on these illnesses.

More worrying for today is the increase in behavioral problems in children like ADHD, the increasing sleep problems among children, and mental illnesses with anxiety, depressed mood, and suicide thoughts (11, 1723, 25, 5356). Children are probably more sensitive to RF radiation because of their growing bodies and more immature cells, but also because they will be exposed throughout their life-time (41, 44, 45).

Given the abundance of microwaves in the modern environment, it is of importance that children grow up in an electromagnetic safe environment. The scientific research this far gives no guarantees for safety from the RF radiation. Children should be exposed to as low-RF radiation as possible both in school and at home. Wired connection for both the Internet and telephone communications should be preferred to minimize children’s exposure to the wireless radiation, "


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Martensville elementary school teachers, kids seeing benefits after hanging up on cellphones in class

Ban on cellphones in classrooms was phased in over 3 years with support of community


Staff and students at a Saskatchewan elementary school that has banned the use of cellphones say it's made life better, both inside the classroom and at home.  


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Children and Parents report that the wireless internet recently installed in their school is making them ill. In this video you will hear about the symptoms they experience.

september 2010

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